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Artificial Intelligence based communication

About Us

BMG is a global company that specializes in leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big data technology to achieve effective communication. We are helping corporate sales and marketing divisions to solve their difficulties in getting sales leads by leveraging on our technology.

As the world becomes more digitalized, businesses need to adapt to this new era where customers interact with brands through various digital channels such as social media and email. One of the major challenges for companies today is how they can effectively communicate with their customers in order to get them interested about their products or services.

Companies have been using telemarketers for years in order to do this, but it has been proven that telemarketing is not effective anymore as it used to be before because of the high cost associated with it which makes it impractical for businesses who need to focus on their core operations instead of something else that might not even work out well for them in the long run .


What BMG Voicebot can offer?

voicebot AI service provider

All Businesses

24/7 Customer Service on Support

We provide round the clock, consistent customer service, always cheerful and ready to serve through voice over phone, reduce telemarketing staff turnover and physical interaction.

AI-based communication services

All Businesses

24/7 Helpdesk on Technical Support

Reduce customer service costs by providing accurate technical support in the field. This product allows you to remotely guide your customers through a step-by-step diagnosis, using voice communication. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing the need for in-person resolution calls.

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All Businesses

24/7 Helpdesk on Training

Introduction of new products can be done fast and efficiently including cross border communication. Likewise for product training.

All Businesses

24/7 Telemarketing Services AI

The highly efficient and scalable solution provides an accurate screening of new customers and potential leads, which can automate lead generation with a friendly tone, handles rejection with a constant “optimistic” tone throughout. It also has an automated after-sales follow up and maintenance, which will further help your business to capture the end customers.


Our Technology Capabilities

Fast Response

Response time around 0.5s, industry leader.

Allows Interruption

Allows user interruption at any time

Speech to Text

Proprietary speech recognition software automatically converts audio to text, enables error correction and customize export.

Supports Speech Variables

Supports various speech scenarios and customer conversion can be improvised

Autonomous Configuration

Support modularization and visual configuration of speech, an industry first.

Industry Model

Support APP recording, industry one and only.

APP Recording

Provision of industry speech recognition training models

Why Us

We Solve Your Painpoints

Telemarketer's Pain

90% of time wasted

Time consumed mostly in call rejection, 3 seconds to hang up and effective communication is not more than 1 hour a day.

90% of the staffs are not suitable for telemarketing

Up to 90% of staff employed are not effective telemarketers, constrained by innate voice ability, language ability and speaking skills. Difficulty in having unique telecalls ability and perfect sounding voice tonality.

90% have negative vibes

Up to 90% have negative vibes. To be constantly being enthusiastic on the job is not sustainable

Management's Pain

90% waste of labor cost

Up to 90% of labor cost wastage coupled with inefficient sales person, sales ability not transferable and high turnover rate.

90% of the time and cost is wasted

Up to 90% of time and cost wastage. Low efficiency due to inefficient initial screening.

90% waste of customer resources

Up to 90% wastage on customer resources. Without data and records, difficulty in customer follow-up and segregation of potential customers from invalid customers

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